Computer Science Classes

Course Description: Students will be able to code multiple projects using the simple programming language Scratch. The program uses an easy method known as “block coding”, making it possible for children of different ages to use. With this language, students can construct animations, games, and more! Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm. Each week, we will follow the Scratch learning
lessons and use the information to create ideas of our own. Below is a tentative schedule of what the class may look like.

Week 1: Learning the basics of Scratch
Week 2: Making art and implementing our ideas
Week 3: Creating animations and movements
Week 4: Using Sound in Programs
Week 5: Creating Video Games with Controls
Week 6: Building a Final Project!

About the Instructor: Allen Liu
Experience in multiple programming languages such as Javascript and Python; member of the Leland High School Robotic Team

Worked on multiple projects using various coding commands

Completed multiple projects using Scratch and Block Coding